The BLD Group facilities are adapted to receive and store our clients' merchandise intelligently and in the shortest possible time. BLD Group puts at your disposal the appropriate equipment and techniques following an exhaustive quality control to guarantee the good condition of your articles.

Some of the functions of the BLD Group warehouse are:

  • Vehicle unloading.
  • Reception, control and location of merchandise.
  • Storage in our facilities according to the characteristics of the articles and the client's requirements.
  • Optimized grouping and organization of material pending transport.
  • Management of shipments and loading of vehicles following the logical programming of the process.


We carry out the preparation and handling of custom orders for our clients. In BLD Group we use the best techniques for the development of this activity, paying attention to safety and efficiency factors as a priority.

Our picking services offer optimal merchandise management, avoiding multiple references in the same location, reducing the transit time of the items, promoting horizontal picking to ensure the efficiency of the activity, maximizing the selection density based on the locations where we have to collect the merchandise of the orders and making use of optimized supports for all our stored items.

Pallet shrink wrapping

Our work in the pallet wrapping allows us to achieve that more and more expeditions made up of various packages can travel with the maximum guarantees of safety and stability, in addition to being protected against external factors such as dirt and preventing them from occurring. manipulations prior to arrival at destination.

At Grupo BLD we have the appropriate machinery to wrap and seal your expeditions, ensuring delivery and avoiding any mishap in the storage and transport processes.

Stock management

Our know-how of more than 10 years as a logistics operator and our mastery of the ideal IT tools allow us to control and optimize the flow of goods that passes through our facilities..

Your items will be optimally managed by our qualified staff, distributing it in a way that ensures the best level of service.