Web services

Currently web services are the bread and butter for the transmission of data between companies and at Grupo BLD we are committed to offering the highest level of service in this regard. That is why we have full accessibility to connect with our customers and suppliers, thus offering a definitive solution to the problem of data exchange.

All our custom developments have allowed us to grow and adapt to a greater number of situations, so our goal is to grow together with our clients through the development of new solutions to connect our systems.


The wide range of possibilities for integration with our clients is a factor that Grupo BLD is very aware of, and for this reason we have gone one step further and have developed our own RESTful API (application programming interface) that allows our clients to carry out the following functions directly from your systems:

  • Document shipments and label them without leaving your system
  • Generate new labels
  • Delete expeditions that have not yet been collected
  • Manage day closing
  • Obtain information on all your shipments, as well as their tracking and delivery receipts


Our objective is to prioritize the quality of the service we offer to our clients and we believe that the generation of personalized reports is an important added value.

Request free activation of this reporting service to periodically receive updates regarding the status of your shipments.

These reports will be delivered in Excel, CSV or TXT format, being fully customizable. In addition, they may contain numerous filters and will be sent via email or FTP.

BLD Manager

We put at your disposal the management and control of all your shipments through the BLD Manager, our multipurpose tool that allows our customers to have all the information quickly and efficiently.

From this web application you can carry out the documentation of collections and shipments manually, through its database of regular recipients or by importing files. We adapt to your preferences.

The intuitive interface of the system will allow you to track the status of all the shipments you have issued, as well as the possibility of downloading the delivery receipts. We also make available to you the possibility of sharing with the recipient the monitoring of any shipment.